I see a lot project using timestamp data type in there databases. I tend to think that this is a bad idea.

Dev Is Not Prod

Your local setup may have a timezone which reflect your physical location. This may not be the case of your server(s), which could have a specific timezone, or, UTC time. Which is better by the way (more on than later). So you will experience bug and issues if you do not pay attention to it.

You Are Now Cloud Native

For now you, your opensource project, or your company are running your software 1 on premises on your server, you have control over the timezone of your server. And you only have customer in your country anyway (but… US, Russia, etc… Yeah more on that later too).

You will migrate, maybe just for integration or stuff in the cloud. 75% of database are migrating to the cloud. This is huge. And guess what cloud database do not care about your timezone.

The cancer of server with timezone set to they’re physical location

Server should have timezone set to UTC. Period. In my country, France, we have only one timezone. But it change twice a year for winter/summer hour (it’s due to change be 2021). So you’ll have inconsistency in your data based on when you insert them… Quite nice.

I have another example of how this time without timezone affect real project. Takes for example the French standard to exchange infrastructure data about fiber (between ISP) : GraceTHD. They use timestamp. You may think, ok but, France, it’s this : “France Metropolitaine” as we say. Image by https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_m%C3%A9tropolitaine

But it’s not, France is this: France all of it, image by https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/France_m%C3%A9tropolitaine

So you may imagine that in Mayotte the timezone is not same, in fact it’s UTC+3.


  • set your server to UTC
    • it is better for logs
    • it is better for debugging
    • it is better for your team
    • it is better for everything
  • Change the datatype from timestamp to timestamptz. Or timetz.
  • Handle timezone in your software 1.

  1. sorry “app”. ↩︎ ↩︎